BLITZ AC10 (190mm) (0.7 mm)

BLITZ AC10 (190mm) (0.7 mm) BLITZ AC10 (190mm) (0.7 mm) BLITZ AC10 (190mm) (0.7 mm)
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BLITZ AC10 (190mm) (0.7 mm)

New BLITZ AC10 1/10 190mm bodyshell for electric touring car. The AC10 bodyshell is design for both carpet and asphalt surface racing. Special features includes 3 different mounting position marking, neutral 0mm, forward +3mm and +6mm. Neutral 0mm position is recommended for initial setup on high traction carpet surface, while the forward +3mm position is recommended initial setup on outdoor asphalt. Additional steering feel and response can be achieved by mounting more forward if needed. AC10 bodyshell is made from high quality Polycarbonate in 3 different thickness, regular 0.8mm, 0.7mm light and 0.5mm ultra-light. Window masks, decals, wings and mounting screws are included.

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