BLITZ TS035 EFRA 31547 (0,7 mm)

BLITZ TS035 EFRA 31547  (0,7 mm) BLITZ TS035 EFRA 31547  (0,7 mm)
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BLITZ TS035 EFRA 31547  (0,7 mm)

The TS035 body-shell builds on the strengths of the successful BLITZ TS030 & TS040 bodies. We took the performance characteristics of both bodies and fine tuned the outcome to create the TS035 race body. On track the TS035 body has good initial steering and rear end stability like the TS030 body with the mid and on power steering of the TS040.

The TS035 is manufactured from high quality polycarbonate and is available in 3 different thicknesses, so the end user can choose the appropriate mix of durability and weight for their needs. 0.7mm for the lightest weight and highest performance, 1.0mm to provide the most durability at the expense of additional weight. While 0.8mm to provide a good balance between weight and durability.

Each body shell is sold clear with window mask and sticker sheet. The body has molded dimples for body posts and engine head the ARC car while, by following the marks the racer can cut and mount the body easily and precisely. These markings also give drivers of other chassis accurate reference points to mount their body.

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