MTS T3M Touring Car Conversion Kit

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MTS T3M Touring Car Conversion Kit

Includes new features based on MTS T3M:

- Motor mount, Spur gear mount and servo mount are made of single piece assembly in a line with the chassis.

- Single pieces mount cannot only enhance its strength from simplified assembly, but also can increase the chassis flexible at center line in term to increase the traction.

- Change to single piece 2nd desk with 4 bushing screw hole to adapt different track conditions through different bushing screw combination.

- Weight is lighter than the original kit, and includes 15g brass weight installed at rear to increase the rear traction.

Additional screw hole on the brass weight to adjust the rear traction stability.

- MTS T3M/ R3-G/R3-C/R3-Pro car kit can be upgraded with this kit. However, for R3-G/R3-C you need to change the spur gear mount and bearing size to smaller R3 Pro/MTS T3M version.

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